Caitlyn Kidd was an ambitious young reporter for the West Sider newspaper. She worked on the crime desk and reported on the killing of fellow journalist Bill Smithback. Afterwards, she contacted Smithback's widow Nora Kelly and offered to help her search for Smithback's killer. Kelly logged in to Smithback's private New York Times account and helped Kidd locate clippings that showed he was investigating alleged animal sacrifices related to the Ville des Zirondelles Obeah Cult.

While investigating, Kidd and Kelly visited the cult compound and were chased away by what appeared to be a zombii.

While presenting an award at the Gotham Press Club, Kidd was attacked by an assailant that appeared to be the murdered Bill Smithback. She was stabbed repeatedly with a long knife and killed.

Later, it emerged that her actual killer was Colin Fearing, disguised as Smithback. Both Kidd and Fearing had been hired by actor and activist Alexander Esteban to help him drum up sentiment against the Ville des Zirondelles cult, so he could access the cult's crypts and recover documents from an ancestor who he believed to be buried there. Kidd's designated role was to pose as Fearing's sister and falsely identify another body as belonging to him. Once Kidd's part was done, Esteban sent the still-living Fearing to kill her and remove her as a loose end.

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