Everett Judgment Pendergast, or "Uncle Everett" was a distant relative of Aloysius Pendergast. He was a descendant of Erasmus Pendergast, Aloysius's great-grand-uncle and second cousin to Pendergast's father Linnaeus.

Everett stayed at Rochenoire late one summer to look after young Aloysius and Diogenes while Linnaeus was in Charleston on business and Isabella was in the hospital with malaria. During his stay, Diogenes—who was just six years old at the time—went missing, although Aloysius repeatedly assured him that it was common for Diogenes to disappear for stretches of time. When Diogenes failed to turn up the following morning, Everett finally called the police. After two days, Aloysius finally told him where Diogenes had likely gone: the home of a local man, Maurus Dufour, the face of a legend circulated among the children of the French Quarter.

Everett went to Dufour's home and returned with Diogenes, but the elder Pendergast's face was pale and bloodied and his speech was slurred. He told the family in a letter that he had appeased Dufour, but he had to go back and rid the world of his abomination. Taking a revolver, he left the house and was never seen again.

His cousin Linnaeus later found a complete set of freshly-extracted teeth on a tray in Dufour's home, some with bloody roots still attached.

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