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"Either you catch the perp or you don't. So what's there to spin?"

Glen Singleton is a former precinct captain and current Chief of Detectives for the New York City Police Department. He has been Vincent D'Agosta's superior officer since D'Agosta's return to the NYPD following the events of Brimstone.

Singleton is one of the most decorated and well-respected supervisory officers in the department, having worked his way up through the ranks through solid police work rather than politics.

Physical Appearance

In his late forties, Singleton is described as tall and lean, with a swimmer's physique, a long face and an aquiline profile. His prominent ears tend to stick out from his carefully groomed salt-and-pepper hair, cut by the barber in the basement of the Carlyle every other week.

He is known throughout the department as one of nattiest dressers on the force, unfailingly attired in expensive tailored suits and as fastidiously groomed as a presidential candidate.