Grace Ozmian was an American socialite and tech heiress. She was the daughter of Anton Ozmian, second-generation Lebanese entrepreneur and billionaire founder of DigiFlood.

Grace was born in Boston to tech mogul Anton Ozmian and his first wife. Her mother died in a plane crash when she was five, while her father founded one of the most successful streaming and compression companies in the world. She and Anton were very close during her childhood, and he was particularly proud of her early advanced aptitude with computers. She grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where she attended private schools and received generally poor marks as her relationship with Anton deteriorated. Ozmian's college years were mostly spent partying, working more on her drug habit than her grades; her eventual graduation coincided with a sizable contribution to the school from Anton for a new library.

After college, she seemed intent on making a career of spending her father's money, embarking on a drug-fueled party tour across Europe that ended with a year in Spain before her eventual return to New York.

Upon her return to America, Ozmian took a trip to the west coast. Driving drunk and high in Beverly Hills, she struck an eight-year-old boy and fled the scene of the accident. The victim was in a coma for two weeks before his parents removed him from life support. Anton quickly hired a high-priced Los Angeles-based law firm, and despite a blood alcohol level of twice the legal limit at the time of the accident, Grace was sentenced to just 100 hours of community service at a homeless shelter.

She spent at least two stints in a famous rehab center in southern California, but eventually returned to New York to live with her father. The following December, Anton reported Grace missing when she failed to return from a night out with friends. Her decapitated body was found three days later buried under a pile of leaves in an abandoned industrial garage in Queens, setting off the events of City of Endless Night. She was twenty-three.

When Grace had initially returned to New York, she and Anton were merely keeping up appearances for the paparazzi despite an irreparably fractured relationship between the two. According to Anton, Grace "hated everything about [him] but [his] money." He eventually cut off her funds, and Grace responded by leaking DigiFlood's proprietary compression algorithms onto the internet, a potentially disastrous development for the company. When her father realized what she had done, he killed her in a fit of raged fueled by his legendary temper, shooting her in the chest with a high-caliber firearm. When his fury abated, Anton returned to the garage where he had dumped his daughter's body and decapitated her corpse. Pendergast and D'Agosta later discovered her preserved head stuffed and mounted in a hidden trophy room in Anton Ozmian's apartment.
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