Dr. Ian Cuthbert is Assistant Director of the New York Museum of Natural History in Relic. He is in charge of the Superstition Exhibition. Cuthbert is Scottish.

Cuthbert, museum director Winston Wright, and head of PR Lavinia Rickman fled the chaos following the opening of the Superstition Exhibition. They hid out in Wright's old office near the Hall of Dinosaurs. Mbwun, trapped in the same area of the museum by the security doors, found them there.

Cuthbert attempted to keep the group calm as Rickman panicked and Wright drank himself into a stupor. He watched as Wright and Rickman were killed and partially eaten by Mbwun. Cuthbert survived the incident but was institutionalized afterwards. As he was being carried away by the medical team, he told Special Agent Spencer Coffey that he looked into the creature's eyes and saw "infinite sadness".

Cuthbert was the only person to come face-to-face with Mbwun and not be killed. Margo Green suggested that there was enough of John Whittlesey's personality still left in the beast to recognize his old friend and leave him unharmed.

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