Ippolito (first name unknown) was Director of Security at the New York Museum of Natural History in Relic.

He clashed with Special Agent Pendergast when Pendergast attempted to stop the grand opening of the Superstition Exhibition. Ippolito believed that no one could possibly get through the museum's advanced perimeter door system. In the event, the opposite happened. A security officer overreacted and shot the main generator, causing the security doors to become locked in the down position.

The opening gala turned into a riot when visitors found the murdered body of NYPD officer Fred Beauregard inside the exhibition. Ippolito, Vincent D'Agosta and Special Agent Coffey tried to get the situation under control.

Elsewhere in the museum, Pendergast narrowly escaped a run-in with the creature Mbwun and radioed D'Agosta to let him know it was heading for the Rotunda where the guests were trapped. Ippolito, D'Agosta and the other security officers and police attempted to block Mbwun from entering the Great Hall. As they proceeded down a staircase towards the basement, Mbwun attacked from above and disemboweled Ippolito, then knocked him down and mauled him badly. Ippolito died on the landing.

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