June Brodie was an employee of Longitude Pharmaceuticals. She was the executive secretary to Longitude's CEO, Charles J. Slade. She had some medical training and had previously worked as a nurse. June's husband Carlton was a nurse-practitioner. June was remembered by former co-workers as young, attractive and motivated.

Brodie worked closely with Charles Slade. According to a former employee, everyone at Longitude was in deathly fear of Slade, except for June. She was involved in top-level decision making for the company. It was suspected that she also had a sexual relationship with Slade.

After the death of Charles Slade and Longitude's subsequent bankruptcy, June Brodie lost her job. A week later, her car was found on the Archer Bridge with a suicide note inside. Her body was never recovered. June's husband also disappeared, telling his neighbors he was going on a trip abroad.

During the Fever Dream investigation, Special Agent Pendergast and Captain Laura Hayward investigated June Brodie. They found that shortly before her sucide she had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease). 

June's husband Carlton owned a hunting camp on Spanish Island, deep in the Black Brake Swamp. Pendergast and Hayward went there and found the Brodies alive and in hiding, along with Charles Slade. Slade had been infected with a strain of avian flu that for a time, greatly enhanced his mental abilities and allowed him to cure June's ALS, but later drove him insane. By the time Pendergast arrived, June and Carlton spent most of their time caring for Slade, who was extremely sensitive to all external stimuli.

By the start of Cold Vengeance, June and Carlton had re-entered their original life, saying they fled and ran a B and B in Mexico for the last 12 years. Local media attention eventually led to their discovery and subsequent murder by members of Der Covenant.

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