Lewis Turow is a geneticist working in Long Island City, New York. He hates New York but moved there for the opportunity to work in a world-class genetics laboratory.

During the events of Relic, a sample of the claw removed from Billy Bridgeman's body was sent to his lab for analysis. 

Turow was confused when the material did not match any of the animals in the target group (big cats) and was instead a partial match with a human and a Turkish Gecko. He assumed the sample was a joke and identified it as belonging to Homo gekkopiens.

Later, Special Agent Pendergast and Vincent D'Agosta visited Turow at his lab for more information. Turow explained that the sample was definitely not from a big cat, and speculated that it might be degraded or contaminated. Pendergast told him it was removed from the body of a murdered boy and Turow told him that even one human cell contaminating the sample could produce such mixed results. Pendergast ordered a further round of tests and left Turow to his work.

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