Malfourche, Mississippi is a town in Mississippi on the eastern end of the Black Brake Swamp. It sits on a small peninsula next to a bayou of the same name. Malfourche was once a thriving center of commerce for loggers, hunters and fisherman who made their living from the swamp. Since 1975 the western half of the swamp has been a wilderness area and wildlife refuge. Many of the townspeople of Malfourche are bitter over the loss of their livelihood and resent the intrusion of environmentalists and other outsiders.

Malfourche was home to Carlton and June Brodie, who also owned an island called Spanish Island in the swamp. Tiny's Bait 'n' Bar was located in Malfourche until it was destroyed by Special Agent Pendergast and Laura Hayward .

Malfourche has been targed by environmentalist groups 

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