Dr. Matilda Ziewicz is a medical doctor and New York City's Chief Medical Examiner. Prior to her appointment as chief, she worked as a special forensic pathologist specializing in maulings suffered from the "big cats" of the Panthera genus. She is a large, physically imposing woman with blonde hair and a fondness for red lipstick and sarcasm.


Dr. Ziewicz was brought in to examine the body of Billy Bridgeman and his younger brother after they were found mutilated in the basement of the New York Museum of Natural History. She found a large claw in one of Billy's wounds.

Several years later, after being appointed Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Ziewicz again crossed paths with D'Agosta during the Hotel Killer investigation, when she sat in on the autopsy of the killer's first victim.


A character named Matilda Ziewicz appears in the film adaptation of Relic, portrayed by the late actress Audra Lindley. In the film version, Dr. Ziewicz is the Medical Examiner for the city of Chicago who examines the body of guard Frederick Ford.

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