Roger C. Brisbane III is a New York City lawyer and socialite. He was the First Vice President and General Counsel of the New York Museum of Natural History during the events of The Cabinet of Curiosities and the direct supervisor of archaeologist Dr. Nora Kelly, who frequently found herself in conflict with him.

Brisbane has a "sleek and self-assured" look, fastidiously groomed with smooth cologned skin, wavy brown hair, and perfect teeth. He is fond of bespoke English shirts and silk ties.

Brisbane's first love was jewels: he wanted to be a gemologist as a young man but was pressured into a career in law by his father. He attended Yale university, beginning with pre-med and briefly flirting with a gemology major before finally resigning himself to studying law. Upon his appointment to First Vice President, he took the opportunity to fill a display case on his desk with some of the museum's most prized gemstone specimens.

Brisbane was not particularly popular with the museum's curatorial staff, as he represented a growing wave of lawyers and fundraisers replacing scientists and educators. During the grand opening of the museum's new "Hall of Primates" exhibit, a staffer had removed Brisbane's nameplate from his office door and affixed to a glass case containing a chimpanzee.

Brisbane was a casualty of the museum's administration purge following the events of The Cabinet of Curiosities; his office, previously the domain of the late Dr. Whitney Frock, was later occupied by Hugo Menzies.

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