Route 666 is a community of underground homeless in New York City. They inhabit the area under Central Park. The leader of the community is a man named Mephisto.

Mephisto sends runners to contact Bill Smithback after Smithback publishes an article about the murder of Pamela Wisher in the New York Post. Smithback follows the runner into the upper levels of the tunnels and speaks to Mephisto through a hole in the floor. Mephisto tells Smithback about the rash of murders plaguing the community and warns him about the mysterious Wrinklers.

Later, Special Agent Pendergast and Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta visit Route 666 posing as the leader of another community and his assistant. They meet several members of the community and are invited to eat "track rabbit" (rat).

Some locations in the Route 666 Community include the "Ho Chi Minh Trail" and "the Blockhouse". The community has access to running water and electricity by illegally tapping city infrastructure. Members of the community known as "runners" go to the surface periodically to collect welfare checks, and redeem recyclables for money, and to acquire food and drugs.

Known members of the Route 666 Community include:

  • Mephisto
  • Tail Gunner
  • Little Harry
  • Boy Alice
  • Joe Atcitty (deceased)
  • Fat Boy (deceased)
  • Hector (deceased)
  • Dark Annie (deceased)
  • Master Sergeant (deceased)
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