Shasheen Walker was a thirty-two-year-old homeless man. He had a serious drug problem and an extensive criminal record, which drove him to live underground in the tunnels in the vicinity of Central Park. He may have been a member of the Route 666 Community.

Walker was murdered and decapitated in his makeshift bed by the Wrinklers. Unlike most of the homeless victims of the New York Underground Murders, Walker's body was left close enough to the surface to be discovered by the police.

Sergeant Laura Hayward led Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta and Captain Jack Waxie into the tunnels to review the crime scene. They found the area undisturbed (Hayward explained that the mole people were "superstitious that way") and found Walker's missing head in the pile of blankets. They retrieved the head and took it to the medical examiner's office for analysis.

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