Officer Snow (first name not given) is a New York Police Department officer. He worked as a rookie police diver during the events of Reliquary. Snow's first official dive, in the Humboldt Kill turned up the bodies of Pamela Wisher and Greg Kawakita, the first victims of the New York Underground Murders to be investigated by the police.

Later, Snow was recruited to join the Navy SEAL team who were assigned to detonate the drainage tunnels leading from the Astor Tunnels into the Hudson River. Snow and the SEALS entered through the Lower Hudson Sewage Treatment Plant but were soon attacked by a group of Wrinklers. The mission was completed but all the SEALs were killed in the fight. Snow continued on towards the Astor Tunnels alone, eventually meeting Special Agent Pendergast, Lieutenant D'Agosta and the others. He helped the group escape to the surface.

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