Sunflower, Louisiana is a small town on the Mississippi-Louisiana border, near the vast cypress swamp called the Black Brake. Sunflower is an unremarkable southern town except for the story of the Doane family

The Doanes were an eminent local family who slid into madness and crime, eventually becoming the town's secret shame. Unbeknownst the townspeople, the Doanes were infected with a mutated avian flu virus that drove them insane. Their abandoned home stands untouched a few miles outside of town.

Helen Esterhazy Pendergast visited Sunflower twelve years before the events of Fever Dream. She stole a parrot from the Doane family, but the bird had already infected them. Special Agent Pendergast and Vincent D'Agosta later visited town, learned the story of the Doanes, and recovered daughter Karen Doane's journals from the family's house.

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