When Aloysius was 11 and Diogenes 7, they went exploring in the necropolis/sub basement under the New Orleans mansion and discovered a hidden door. This led to a room containing items belonging to their ancestor Comstock Pendergast – a brilliant and disturbed magician and illusionist. Amongst the items was a large box, almost a room itself, garishly decorated and labeled “The Door to Hell.” Aloysius, annoyed at his little brother, goaded Diogenes to go inside, then followed him in. The inside of the box was plastered with disturbing drawings and photographs from horrific crime scenes. A ladder led up to another level. Both boys climbed up, Diogenes first. The second level contained platform leading to a wall with a port hole. Despite saying he would follow his brother closely, Aloysius hesitated on the platform while Diogenes moved ahead. Suddenly, the floor under Diogenes tipped, dropping him into yet another chamber, trapping him within and leaving Aloysius on the platform. A terrible magic lantern show began to play in the chamber Diogenes was in. Aloysius, catching a brief glimpse of the show through the porthole, was horrified. During the show, he could hear Diogenes screaming and trying to claw his way out. Aloysius then heard a gunshot; the show’s end provided the victim with a single shot derringer and gave the victim a choice; to live with what they had seen or to suicide. Diogenes had chosen suicide. Traumatized by guilt and what he had seen, Aloysius immediately blocked out any memory of The Event.

When the boys were found, no more than a day later, their parents told Aloysius that Diogenes had been stricken with a fever that affected his eyesight, his sense of smell and his emotional state. Having completely forgotten what really happened, Aloysius accepted their explanation and didn’t treat Diogenes any differently. Neither brother ever mentioned the Event again.

Aloysius did not remember The Event until shortly before the opening of the Tomb of Senef. At the goading of Eli Guinn and through a massive meditation effort, Aloysius was able to break through his memory block and provide Eli Guinn with the information he needed to complete his psychological profile of both Diogenes and Aloysius.

Eli Guinn opinioned that Diogenes, already highly intelligent with a dark streak, was traumatized into psychosis by what he had seen in the chamber and his attempted suicide. Diogenes was not aware that Aloysius had forgotten the Event. Aloysius never mentioned the Event again and never apologized for his role in it. Diogenes’ almost worship of his older brother was replaced by the overwhelming hatred and need for revenge that motivated his entire adult life.

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