The Ghost Company was a highly secret, tight-knit, elite special operations unit, a specialized descendant of the army's now-defunct "Blue Light" detachment, and was created specifically to operate in classified, highly dangerous, and at times unsanctioned theaters of engagement. Their motto was Fidelitas esque ad mortem ("Loyalty unto death"), and members swore "blood oaths," vowing to avenge any of their number who died at the hands of another man. Though they were not active for very long as a unit, they were highly successful, with a number of high value covert operations to their credit.

Following the Ghost Company's dissolution, a select few of their operators—including Mike Decker, his superior officer, Howard Longstreet, and eventually Decker's squadmate and brother-in-arms Aloysius Pendergast—joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where they found great success: Decker and Longstreet soon gained lofty positions within the Bureau's hierarchy, while Pendergast became one of its most decorated and successful agents.

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