"Tiny" (real name unknown) is a resident of Malfourche, Mississippi and the proprietor of Tiny's Bait 'n' Bar. He is a tall, grossly overweight man with a shaved head. He wears tank tops and is deeply tanned. He uses chewing tobacco.

Special Agent Pendergast and Laura Hayward visit Tiny's bar in Malfourche during the Fever Dream investigation. Mike Ventura had warned Tiny and his clientele of their impending arrival and Tiny, who thought the two were environmentalists bent on turning the Black Brake Swamp into a wildlife reserve, was very rude to them.

Tiny and his posse planned to lure Pendergast and Hayward into an ambush and kill them in the swamp. Tiny rented them a fan boat and drew them an intentionally incorrect map. Pendergast was aware of their plan and went the opposite direction. Despite their precuations, Tiny's group managed to ambush Pendergast and Hayward. They threw Pendergast and Hayward's police badges into the swamp, restrained the two, and removed Hayward's shirt and bra, exposing her breasts.

While the mob roared and hooted, Pendergast freed himself and put Tiny in a headlock as Hayward knocked the gun from his hand. Pendergast held a knife to Tiny's jugular vein, frightening the mob into submission. He disarmed them and sent them away, forcing one of the men to give Hayward his shirt. Back in Malfourche, the mob turned on Mike Ventura. They attacked Ventura's car and forced him to leave town.

After their escapades at Spanish Island, Pendergast and Hayward returned to Tiny's Bait 'n' Bar. Pendergast sank several of the barflies' boats with a twelve-gauge shotgun. After ensuring that everyone was out of the bar, Pendergast and Hayward fired their weapons into the shop's large propane tank. The ensuing explosion destroyed the building. Hayward, normally a stickler for procedure, felt she had enjoyed the experience a little too much.

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