Tiny's Bait 'n' Bar is a bait shop and tavern in Malfourche, Mississippi, on the edge of the Black Brake swamp. The bait shop is famous for its live bait assortment, including nightcrawlers, leeches, crawfish, waxworms, Georgia jumpers, mousees, and spawn. The bar, on the other hand, is particularly known for its disdain for non-whites, homosexuals, Northerners and environmentalists. The proprietor, known only as "Tiny," is an immensely large man with a shaved pink bullet-shaped head and a fondness for chewing tobacco and tank tops that barely covered his expansive belly.

The bait shop and bar shared a barn-like space within a ramshackle wooden building perched on pilings, adjacent to a dock on the swamp. Airboat rentals were available for swamp exploration, though the selection was limited.

Tiny's was extremely popular with the locals, often packed well into the night. The wall behind the bar was a standing tribute to Malfourche history, packed with cards and photos of prize fish and boats, loggers with axes from the town's formerly thriving timber industry, and a large aerial photo of Malfourche itself in its heyday as a center for everything from cypress loggers to gator hunters.

The original building that housed Tiny's Bait 'n' Bar was destroyed in an explosion reportedly caused by a leaking propane tank. It is currently in the process of being rebuilt on the same site in the Malfourche business district.

During the events of Fever Dream, Special Agent Pendergast and Laura Hayward visited Tiny's intending to rent an airboat to search for Spanish Island, deep within the Black Brake swamp. Mike Ventura had warned the crowd of their arrival, however, claiming that Pendergast and Hayward were undercover environmentalists hoping to turn the rest of the swamp into a wildlife preserve. The incited mob ambushed Pendergast and Hayward, disabling their airboat, tossing their law enforcement IDs into the swamp and humiliating Hayward, but Pendergast had managed to disarm them after severely injuring their leader Tiny himself. When Pendergast finally returned to the dock, he casually sank every boat moored at the dock with a shotgun before enlisting Hayward's help in shooting the propane tank next to the bar. The resulting explosion destroyed the entire facility, raining bait and beer cans across the parking lot.
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