Tristram Pendergast is the younger of Aloysius Pendergast's twin sons by his late wife, Helen Esterhazy Pendergast. He and his cousin, the Rinpoche, are the last of the Pendergast bloodline.

Early Life

Tristram was born in Nova Godoi, Brazil, the younger of twin sons born to Aloysius Pendergast and Helen Esterhazy Pendergast. A product of the Covenant's eugenics experiments, Tristram was the "bad twin"–the recipient of the inferior genetic material, raised for menial labor and used as a biological repository in the event the "good twin" was damaged or required a transplant.

Tristram spent the majority of his life living in a large underground chamber that served as home for the "bad twins" while they worked the camps and fields of Nova Godoi or served as test subjects for the Covenant's experiments. They were not educated, or even given names; prior to meeting Pendergast, Tristram was identified only by the number Forty-Seven.


Tristram was brought to New York by Alban as part of the Covenant program's "beta test," where he was used to provide DNA material left behind at Alban's "Hotel Killer" crime scenes. Taking advantage of a rare careless mistake by his captors, Tristram managed to escape, making his way to Pendergast's Dakota apartment.

After identifying himself as Pendergast's son, Tristram explained as much as he could about Nova Godoi and the Covenant, and revealed Alban as the Hotel Killer. Pendergast and his associates took Tristram in, providing medical attention and the first hot meal he had ever had. He was given a room in the secure sub-basement of the Riverside Drive mansion under the care of Proctor, who assumed the role of protector and tutor. However, the Covenant had adapted their "beta test" to include Alban kidnapping Tristram from the mansion, which he did successfully, subduing Proctor in the process.

Tristram returned with Alban to Nova Godoi, where the Covenant awaited Pendergast's inevitable rescue attempt. As Pendergast and Alban faced off in front of the assembled good and bad twins and Covenant soldiers, Tristram finally stood up to his brother and led a revolt by the bad twins, even bringing some of the good twins to their cause, and while Alban escaped, the ensuing battle destroyed the Covenant.

After coming back to New York with Pendergast, Tristram stayed at the Riverside mansion before attending boarding school at École Mère-Égliseq in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Appearance and Mannerisms

Tristram is tall and slender, with Pendergast's blond hair, silvery-blue eyes and narrow, patrician face.

He is much the opposite in many ways as Alban, due to his upbringing as little more than a slave. He is shy but kind, curious, with a hunger to learn and to please, especially his father. He was described by Proctor as being "full of trepidation".

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