Dr. Winston Wright was the the Director of the New York Museum of Natural History in Relic. He dressed in Savile Row suits and had pale skin and thinning hair.

Wright was somewhat pompous and was uncooperative with Special Agent Pendergast. When Pendergast and the NYPD ordered the grand opening of the Superstition Exhibition canceled, Wright appealed directly to his old college friend, the Governor. The grand opening continued as planned and quickly became a disaster as the guests discovered a recently-murdered body inside the exhibit. Shortly afterward, the the power and security systems failed trapping many people inside in the museum.

Wright, his assistant director Ian Cuthbert, and head of public relations Lavinia Rickman fled the chaos and retreated to Wright's old lab on one of the museum's upper floors.

Wright, overcome with the evening's events and the realization that he should have involved the police years before, drank most of a bottle of scotch "to calm his nerves". He was killed by Mbwun in the museum's hall of dinosaurs.

After Wright's death, the directorship of the museum went to Dr. Olivia Merriam.

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