Wulf Konrad Fischer was the leader of the Covenant, or Der Bund.


Referred to as the Oberstgruppenführer by the Covenant, Fischer was described as tall and imposing, with the massive, sculpted physique of a bodybuilder. He had deeply tanned skin, with pale eyes and a full head of neatly trimmed, close cropped pure white hair. His age was difficult to determine, with estimates falling anywhere from forty to fifty.

Early Life

Fischer spent his childhood summers at a hunting lodge outside Königswinter, Germany. It is unknown if he joined the Covenant or was born into it as one of the early iterations.


Fischer spoke mostly in clipped, precise German, or in unaccented English. He favored Dunhill cigarettes, which he kept in a cigarette case with a gold lighter.

His reputation is dangerous enough that even hardened torture-enjoying killers the likes of Klaus Falkoner find him "truly frightening."
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